Should I Build the Gini App?

Graph of share of income by top 1 percent

Top 1% share of income

How can you make a difference? The Gini App is my answer.

$15,080. That is the number you get when you multiply $7.25/hr by 40 hrs/week by 52 weeks/year. That is how much an employee can hope to earn working a minimum wage job in Georgia. I work with many who will make less than that due to sickness, cut hours, and slow months. How can they expect to afford rent, food, or a car payment? Is it any surprise that people turn to the government more and more for help?

Consumers create jobs, not business owners or entrepreneurs. If demand for a product or service increases then so do the number of jobs required to meet that demand.  According to National Employment Law Project, Of the 50 largest employers of low-wage workers, more than 90 percent were profitable last year, and three-quarters of them are enjoying greater revenues than they did before the recession. So, demand for services is at pre-recession levels or higher, employees are making the same amount, individuals at the top are making more, and the disparity is getting wider.

So, I had to ask myself, could I decrease demand if I figured out a better way to price a good or service than what was listed on the menu boards?

The Gini App is a way to do just that. By taking information submitted by company employees, customers can have an idea of what a good or service they are purchasing really costs and make a more accurate purchasing decision as a result.  As customers start to see the true cost of their decisions, demand will decrease and send market and Gini signals demanding better pay for employees.

With The Gini App, consumers will walk into a store and receive a GiniApp Score for that particular location. The score is a function of wages paid out versus profits collected for that location. The consumer will then be able to contact the ownership and demand better wages or take their business elsewhere.

Simple! Allow better information to drive purchasing decisions.

Business owners will have to make a decision, should they lose profit and close the store or should they pay employees more and continue collecting profit.

Let me know what you think! Should I build the application? Look to the right-> you can email me, sign up for the mailing list, follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, and, most importantly, STAY INFORMED!




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